Monday, 6 April 2009


Hello friends, we haven't spoken in a while and I'm so tired I can't even afford the time to think up a rubbish title for this post.

Duncan, my agent, has been on his travels and sent me these pics which are promoting the Gargoylz from this year's Bologna Book Fair. I didn't do the covers which might explain why they're so striking. But what I have been doing is the insides and that's a lot of work too for a fella of limited drawing ability.

Each book has around 100 b/w illustrations which each need scanning and emailing and the scanning and emailing alone takes hours for someone of limited technical ability. I've been up all night scanning and sending 32 corrections for book 3 of the Gargoylz and I'm not sure I have the time to steal just a few hours Egyptian PT as there's plenty more work that needs my attention.

I just didn't want you thinking I'd died or anything but many thanks to all those who thought I had and sent flowers.