Friday, 4 April 2008


For those of you who have seen this blog's companion website, The Six Million Dollar Illustrator, and marvelled at the fantastic intro and wondered what genius put it together then here he is! This is my mate Lee Boardman from LabCreative who I used to go to school with before we served in 'Nam together. He's a slick, cunning, techno-whizz of a geek with a fine eye for web design. Lee went way above and far beyond the call of duty when I asked him to design my site.
So thanks Sarge, it was a pleasure to serve with you. Except when you made me jump on that grenade. That wasn't a pleasure at all. But on the whole it was a pleasure. Except that time when you used me as a decoy so you could get the hell out of Da Nang. But it was generally a pleasure. Except that time when...