Monday, 7 April 2008


This is a picture from my sketchbook of a child walking through some scary woods. Creepy, eh? Better have a quick glance behind and hope that snapping twig wasn't caused by a monster in the dark, lumbering through the bushes to get you.

I like working in black and white because I can get some good contrasts between light and dark and when the ink is still wet I enjoy drawing over it and spreading it around. And when I'm done spreading it around I like splattering more ink over that and getting it even more messy. And once I've got it even more messy I flick a little white paint over it for added texture. Then I wait for it to dry. And I wait a little more and go off and do something else for a while, usually somewhere around the fridge. When I get back and see the pic is dry, I splatter and flick more ink/paint over it and give it a good squirt of water or spray it with ****** (my secret ingredient which must remain a secret, sorry kids). I then let it dry and give it a bit of peace. Finally, I scan it and hide it away from International Art Thieves.