Sunday, 31 May 2009


There's a three legged fox who regularly curls up in my front garden to sleep off the meal he's just opened my bins to get. I don't mind the mess he makes too much though as I think he's quite sweet unlike the cats that do much the same thing.

The cats that visit are double hard. They put the frighteners up my fox and me and sometimes chase us off. My fox though, since he's missing a leg, doesn't run very fast. Also, because of his missing leg he veers to the left until he turns a large circle and starts running back the way he came which is unfortunate as the cats usually wait on his return.

The drawing of the fox above is taken from my sketchbook but it isn't my fox (count the legs).

Actually, writing this post reminds me of a teacher I used to have at school (Chatham Grammar School for Boys, fact fans) who only had one leg himself. He had a wooden one but died of Dutch Elm Disease at the tender age of 82.